More obstacles and confusion for companies


To the enormous insecurity that has generated in the last days the obligation to register daily the day of the workers is now added a sentence of the Court of Justice of the European Union that questions the regulations that have just come into force in Spain, with what the confusion of entrepreneurs and freelancers, far from remitting, increases more if possible. The ruling known yesterday states that companies must compute the hours of their employees through an "objective, reliable and accessible" system to effectively control both the extra hours that are performed and the rest periods. However, it also requires the Member States to "take into account the specific characteristics of each sector", as well as the size and specificities of each company when implementing this new requirement, something that does not happen in Spain. The acting government of the PSOE, in a new show of improvisation and electoral irresponsibility, approved a decree that obliges all companies to register daily entry and exit of their employees under threat of fines, including micro and SMEs, unlike what happens in other European countries, where they are exempt from this type of requirements. This means that a business with just one or two workers will have the same obligations in terms of time records as a multinational company that employs a thousand people, which is nonsense. The occurrence of the Ministry of Labor will result, therefore, in new obstacles and costs for a large part of the productive structure of the country, formed mainly by SMEs. The socialist decree not only reintroduces labor dynamics more typical of the 19th century than of the 21st, but, by not discriminating by size or sector, goes from botched to botched. .


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