More Republicans plan to appeal the result

There is also no evidence of any kind of fraud in the US election. Still, a group of Republican senators is now calling for an investigation into the results.

Further republican from the US Senate want to object to the upcoming certification of the presidential election results in Congress. Eleven Republican senators announced their intentions in a joint statement on Saturday. They justified the plans with allegations of election fraud and alleged irregularities in the voting in several US states.

The group demanded that Congress immediately set up a commission to investigate the allegations in an urgent manner within ten days in order to have clarity before the inauguration of the new president on January 20. Otherwise, they might not be able to approve the results.

No conclusive evidence of irregularities

The group is led by the senator Ted Cruz from Texas, who is loyal to the incumbent Republican president Donald Trump stands. Several other Republicans from the group had only made the leap into the Senate in the November election and are to be sworn in on Sunday in the constituent session of the chamber.

Trump had the election in early November by a clear margin against his democratic challenger Joe Biden lost. However, Trump has so far refused to admit defeat. He claims he was robbed of victory by massive fraud. Neither Trump nor his lawyers have provided any substantive evidence to support these claims. More than 50 lawsuits from the Trump camp have so far been thrown out of courts, including the US Supreme Court.

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Disruptive action planned

The state electors have confirmed Biden’s clear victory. In the next step of the formal procedure after an election, the House of Representatives and the Senate will meet for a joint session on Wednesday to read out the votes from the states, count them and officially announce the final result. Then it is official who has won the election.

A group of Republican MPs from the House of Representatives and Republican Senator Josh Hawley had previously announced that day To object to the results of individual states. This enables them to force both chambers of congress to retire to separate sessions to debate the objections and ultimately vote on whether to follow them or not. However, the disruptive action should only drag the procedure out. The project is highly controversial among Republicans.


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