more than 1.6 billion dirhams for water, electricity and liquid sanitation

The autonomous water and electricity distribution authority of Marrakech (Radeema) will invest for the period 2021-2025, nearly 1.605 billion DH for the realization of numerous projects aimed at strengthening the water infrastructure, electricity and liquid sanitation.


These data were revealed during the last board of directors of Radeema, marked by the unanimous approval of this investment program (2021-2025) and of the 2021 budget in the amount of 458, 7 million DH.

These projects, aimed at strengthening the infrastructure and securing the supply, concern the strengthening and extension of the southern drinking water pipe (100 MDH) as well as the carrying out of works to renew the water network. drinking water (75 MDH), carrying out works to extend the liquid sanitation network, in particular the Sidi Brahim collector (30 MDH) and the Tassoultante collector (35 MDH). It also concerns the equipment of the solar sludge drying unit using photovoltaic technology (20 MDH), the improvement of the works relating to the electrical source stations and distributors (39 MDH), as well as the reinforcement and renewal of the medium voltage network (MAD 54 million).

In addition, the Radeema is part of the implementation of a sustainable development project aimed at the irrigation of 26 green spaces in the city for a total area of ​​307 hectares, of which 228 will be irrigated by purified water from the Marrakech wastewater treatment plant (64.7 MDH).

During the period 2015-2020, Radeema made investments of MAD 1.974 billion, including more than MAD 240 million in 2020.

This program concerned in particular, the realization of the new hydraulic complex 30,000 m3 RAM RAM, the commissioning of the Step extension projects and the solar sludge drying plant, the completion of more than 80% of the work relating to the new Step source substation (225 KV / 20 KV – 2 x 70 MVA) as well as the reinforcement and extension of networks by laying more than 1,655 km (electricity: 750 km, drinking water: 534 km and liquid sanitation: 371 km).

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During this session, the board of directors authorized the Régie to intensify the rehabilitation work of the drinking water and liquid sanitation networks in the intramural medina, and to conclude an agreement for the purpose of delegating supervision. liquid sanitation projects for the benefit of municipalities in the territory of the region, located outside the scope of action of the Régie.

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