More than 120 injured in clashes in Jerusalem

More than 100 Palestinians and 20 Israeli police officers were injured in the annexed East Jerusalem in the evening and at night, doctors and police said on Friday.

This is the most serious such incident since the start of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan ten days ago.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said it had provided assistance to at least 105 people, 20 of whom were hospitalized.

Israeli police said 20 police officers were injured and three of them were taken to hospital.

Hundreds of Muslim youths attacked police at the gates of Jerusalem’s old town, Damascus, on Friday night, using stones, firecrackers and fuel bombs, Maariv and other Israeli media reported.

Police used shock grenades and water cannons to drive out the mess.

At the same time, some 1,000 activists of the ultra-right Jewish organizations Lehafa and La Familia left Safra Square for the old town in protest of the Arab attacks on the city’s Jewish population, which have become more frequent recently.

Police blocked the Lehafa column in an attempt to prevent clashes between Arabs and Jews, but failed to stop the riots.

Again, special crowd dispersants, including water cannons, were used.

Clashes in several parts of Jerusalem continued into the night.

According to police information, dozens of people on various sides have been injured.

More than 50 people suspected of involvement in the riots have been detained, police said. They include both Arabs and Jews.


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