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More than 30,000 people have died from coronavirus worldwide

by drbyos

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originating in the city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, in central China, leaves665,000 infections and more than 30,000 deathsthroughout the world as it has progressively spread to 177 countries worldwide.

According to the global balance updated this Saturday at 08:30 hours by theJohns Hopkins University, the new coronavirus pandemic has left a total of 665,164 people infected and 30,852 fatalities. The number of people who have managed to be cured of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, amounts to 140,225, most of them in China (75,098).

The four countries most affected by the pandemic (United States, Italy, China and Spain) number about 350,000 cases, which represents more than half of the total number of people infected with the virus worldwide.

The growth rate of thepandemicof the new coronavirus has accelerated sharply in recent weeks. The 400,000 cases were exceeded on Tuesday, three days after the 300,000 positive number were reached worldwide on Saturday, and this Thursday the pandemic exceeded 500,000 cases, largely driven by the growth of infections in the United States. . The 600,000 total infections were slated for Saturday.

U.SSince Thursday, it is the country most affected by the number of cases, with a total of 124,665 infected people and 2,191 fatalities. The North American country has experienced exponential growth in the last week, with eight consecutive days marking daily growth of more than 5,000 cases, the last two exceeding the figure of 12,000 infections in each of them.

The situation inNYIt is critical, with a total of 672 deaths as cases progress from both coasts to the center of the country, so far relatively unscathed, and the disease is expected to hatch in Detroit, San Antonio or New Orleans over the next week.

Italy has become the first country in the world toexceed 10,000 deaths. He did this Saturday, after a balance in which he found a total of 92,472 cases, ahead of China, which found 82,057 positive for coronavirus and their deaths in 3,304. The Asian giant keeps the outbreak practically controlled and counts more than 75,000 cured people.

In fourth position isSpain, with 73,235 positives, 5,982 fatalities and 21,285 people recovered, according to updated data. Spain surpassed China on Tuesday in the number of deaths from the coronavirus and is the second country with the most fatalities after Italy.

GermanyIt is the fifth most affected country, with 57,871 cases, 325 deaths and 8,481 healed people. France is already the sixth country by number of cases, with 38,105, and has already crossed the threshold of 2,000 deaths (2,317), and the highs are at 5,724. It is followed by Iran, with 35,408 people with coronaviruses, 2,517 deaths and 11,679 people cured.

UKscales to the eighth country in the world with the most cases, with 17,312, and more than a thousand fatalities (1,021), with 151 patients recovered in a balance characterized by the inclusion of the first world leader ill with COVID-19: the Prime Minister of the country, Boris Johnson.

Below areSwitzerland, with 14,076 cases and 264 deaths, and the Netherlands accumulates 9,819 positives and 640 fatalities. South Korea, the country that for weeks was the second most affected after China, which now accounts for 9,583 cases, 152 deaths and 5,033 people recovered, after several weeks with the epidemic situation practically controlled, although as China maintains its high guard after a rebound in recent days due to the appearance of cases from abroad.


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