More than 70 mayors and local elected officials support Emmanuel Macron


Delphine Bürkli is the mayor of the 9th district of Paris since 2014 and is a signatory of the call. – EREZ LICHTFELD / SIPA

Seventy-two mayors and local elected officials from right and center expressed in a tribune, broadcast Saturday by The Sunday Journal, their support for
Emmanuel Macron, at the moment when the party on the right
Republicans suffer a deep crisis after its rout in the European elections. "We are among those who want the imperative success of France, that's why we want the success of the President of the Republic and the government because nothing will be built on their failure," write these elected.

Among the signatories are Christophe Béchu, ex-LR mayor of Angers, Delphine Bürkli, mayor LR of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Olivier Carré, mayor ex-LR of Orléans, Alain Chrétien, mayor Agir de Vesoul, François Goulard, president of Departmental Council of Morbihan, ex-LR, Ludovic Jolivet, ex-LR Mayor of Quimper, Brigitte Fouré, Mayor of Amiens, Christophe Bouchet, Mayor of Tours, Guillaume Delbar, Mayor of Roubaix, Laurent Hénart, Mayor of Nancy and Co-President of Radical movement, Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil, Mayor of Albi.

"Time can not be systematic opposition"

Refusing to "let themselves be reduced to a label, to a voting order, to a partisan apparatus", they mean, "as a local elected official in direct contact with the realities of the French (…) take (their) part in this reconstruction work ". Referring to the crisis of "yellow vests", these elected officials emphasize that "the great debate wanted by the President of the Republic" to answer "revealed the legitimate aspirations of French who feel neglected, distant, relegated. He also emphasized the pivotal role of mayors and local elected representatives in our Republic ".

"The time is no longer the quarrels of chapels or presidential stables that speculate on 2022. Time can not be the systematic opposition that ultimately feeds the extremes," they argue at the moment where LR sinks in the crisis.

LR suffered a debacle with the European with 8.48% of the votes, which caused the departure of its president Laurent Wauquiez then that of its opponent Valérie Pécresse, pending the holding in the autumn of a "national convention" of the right and center organized by Senate President Gérard Larcher. The National Rally took the lead, 0.9 points, ahead of the presidential party The Republic in motion, with 23.31% of the vote against 22.41%, far ahead of the other parties. EELV came third with 13.5% of the vote.


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