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During the day, 104 new deaths were recorded in the country. In Moscow, the increase in the number of victims over the past three days does not exceed 25 people

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In Russia, another 104 people died as a result of coronavirus infection per day. This is reported by the operational headquarters. The total number of victims increased to 9073 people.

In Moscow, 24 people died per day. The increase in deaths in the capital over the past three days does not exceed 25 people. A total of 3,738 deaths from the coronavirus were recorded in the city.

In St. Petersburg, 1,086 deaths have been identified over the entire period, 864 in the Moscow Region, 371 in Dagestan, and 226 people in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

How the number of coronavirus recovered and dead in Russia is changing

Recover (new cases)

Dead (new cases)

Source: Federal and Regional Anti-Virus Activities

Russian data i

For all the time, more than 634 thousand people have been infected with coronavirus in Russia; over the past day, authorities have registered 6791 new cases. Less than 8 thousand patients have been diagnosed in Russia since June 17, below 7 thousand this figure has dropped since June 26. The total number of recovered has grown to 399 thousand people. 5.7 thousand people were cured of coronavirus per day.


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