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More than fifty poems in the Café in line to the Bisbal

Last Saturday, March 21, the Bisbal d’Empordà had to celebrate World Poetry Day with a new edition of the Café with Vers. It would have been the fifth edition, but given the current state of alarm over the risk of spreading the coronavirus covid-19, it was discontinued. Although the idea was, for another year, to fill the poetry streets, making a bisbal itinerary that would have allowed to enjoy poetic recitals in a wide range of languages, this year the Department of Culture, the Area of ​​Education and the Catalan Office of the Bisbal d’Empordà proposed an alternative compatible with confinement. The City Council of La Bisbal d’Empordà called for sending video recordings reciting poetry in any language.

One week later the harvest has paid off. According to the Municipality of La Bisbal d’Empordà, citizens have sent a total of 54 videos reciting poetry in different languages ​​and a collaborative intervention from the Conrad Saló Municipal School of Music. With all the pieces collected, the Bisbalman Xevi Codolà has put together a generic video that lasts about three quarters of an hour and can now be viewed online on the Empordà town hall’s YouTube channel.


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