more than honey, by Josep Maria Fonalleras


In the presence of bees in a daily environment, There are two types of reaction. The calm and leisurely man who lets them suck the jam from the toast and shares with them the placid breakfast on a terrace, and the hysterical one who looks to fight them because he fears the terrible sting (remember others who left him dejected and suffering ). There are human beings who, in the presence of bees, have both behaviors at the same time. They practice Zen until a certain border they cross, without preamble, when they pick up a glass, they catch the bee, turn the glass with murderous rapidity and let, without oxygen, the bee is drowning.

It is likely that Einstein was a member of the first group, because left said, after asserting about black holes, that "if the bees disappeared from the world, humanity would only have four years to live." They are disappearing, as they already certify a lot of studies, like many other insects. The experts speak of an "apocalypse of insects" that, sooner or later, will lead us to collapse. There is a terrifying documentary -'More then honey'- in which this progressive holocaust is recounted, with terrible images of the fainting and death of the Hymenoptera. Think about it when you meet one. And think also of what Nabokov said about butterflies: "Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man."

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