Morocco in the world top 30

This assessment is the conclusion reached by the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies in the report it produced in partnership with “The RepTrak Company” on Morocco’s reputation, both internally and externally, in particular. with its main partners and certain specific countries.

The 2020 edition of the Morocco reputation survey is based on a sample of 24 countries, i.e. the G-7 countries + Russia, as well as 16 developed and / or emerging countries, belonging to the main regions of the world, which constitute a priority of Morocco’s international positioning strategy.

In 2020, Morocco is doing with 64.2 points out of 100 for the general indicator of the reputation of countries “Country RepTrak Pulse”, an improvement of 5.4 points compared to 2019. This propelled the Kingdom in the top 30 of nations with the best reputation among G-7 + countries Russia says the report.

Morocco posted the improvement rates, the highest for the attributes “Recognized brands and companies” and “Technology and innovation” adds the same source.

As the survey was conducted between March and May, the management of the coronavirus crisis is not unrelated to these good results.

Clearly, with the G7 countries and Russia, Morocco is in the same boat as Taiwan, Malaysia and Argentina. In some countries like Chile, Sweden, Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey, this reputation has rather declined.

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