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With a few weeks of launch, the portal ‘Bloomberg Línea’, a news bet of the renowned financial company of the same name, is already giving something to talk about in Latin America, its center of operations.

On this occasion, the incipient business information platform made public its list of the 500 most influential people of the Latin American region.

According to Alejandro Ángeles, director of news in Spanish for ‘Bloomberg Línea’, “it is a collection of characters who stomp, others who want to grow and consolidate, and the new generation that includes founders of unicorn firms.”

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The selection of these leaders was designed by the editorial team of the medium and, as read in its publication, was determined by their contributions to the confrontation and containment of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the prestigious list appear directors of companies of tradition and creators of successful ventures at national and international level.

Of all the Latin Americans elected, 68 are Colombian.

Here we present them to you.

Beatriz Fernández (left), co-founder of Crepes & Waffles, appears on the list.

Diana Trujillo – Aerospace Engineer at NASA

Arthur Street – Creator of the eponymous clothing brand

Beatriz Fernandez – Founder of Crepes & Waffles

Cesar Caicedo – President of Colombina

Adriana Noreña – Google Vice President for Latin America

Alexander Torrenegra – Founder of Torre and ‘shark’ from ‘Shark Thank’

Ricardo Villadiego – Founder of Lumu, a cybersecurity company

Santiago Aparicio, Julián Torres and Jaime Abella – Founders of OnTop, platform for hiring and paying for remote talent

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Santiago Pineda – Co-founder of Mensajeros Urbanos

Sebastián Noguera and Brynne McNulty Rojas – Co-founders of Habi, real estate platform

Simón Borrero, Felipe Villamarín and Sebastián Mejía – Rappi co-founders

Andres Carrillo – Director de EPM

Bernardo vargas – President of ISA,

Andres Fajardo – President of Cleaver Leaves, a multinational cannabinoid company

Andres Gutierrez – Co-founder of T Paga, payment platform

Andrés Sarrázola and Christian Gómez – Founders of Ayenda, hotel chain

Ángel Celis, Felipe Betancourt and Brian York – Founders of Liftit, logistics platform

Camilo Jose Herrera – Creator of the Litro de Luz Foundation

Oscar Giraldo – Creator of Playvox, leading software for optimization of call center agents

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Arthur Street

Arturo Calle, leader in the business crusade for economic recovery from the pandemic, appears on the list.


Carlos Ortega / EL TIEMPO Archive

Paula Moreno – President of the Visible Hands Corporation and former Minister of Culture

Camilo Sánchez, Andrea González, Tulio Jiménez and Manuela Sánchez – Co-founders of Laika, store and platform of products and services for pets

Carlos Felipe Jaramillo – Vice President of the World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean

Carlos Guayara and Esteban Peñaloza – Founders Trii, Colombian fintech

Carlos Ignacio Gallego – President of Nutresa

Carlos Mario Giraldo
– President of Grupo Éxito

Christian Daes – Co-founder of Tecnoglass

Daniel Bilbao – Co-founder of Truora, digital signature to prevent fraud in Latin America

Freddy vega – Co-founder of the Platzi educational platform

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Gigliola Aycardi – Executive Vice President of Bodytech

David Velez – Founder of Nubank

Efrain forero – President of Davivienda

Ernesto fajardo – President of Alpina

Camila escobar – Leader of Juan Valdez

Fabián Gómez and Miguel Silva – Founders of Frubana, a food and technology company

Felipe Bayón
– President of Ecopetrol

Hernando Rubio and Julián Montejo – Creators of Movii, fintech

Mia Perdomo and Andrea de la Piedra – Co-founder of Aequales, a company focused on consulting to close gender gaps in the work environment

Ignacio Calle – CEO of SURA Asset Management

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David Velez

David Vélez, CEO of NuBank, is also a member of the ‘Bloomberg Line’ selection.

Ivone Neck – Executive Director of LAVCA (Association for Private Capital Investment in Latin America)

Juan Ricardo Ortega – President of Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB)

Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutierrez – Executive Director of Grupo Aval

Marcela Vaca – Director of GeoPark and President of the Colombian Petroleum Association (ACP)

Mauricio Ramos – CEO of Millicom, telecommunications company

Miguel Cortes – President of Grupo Bolívar

Miguel McCallister and José Calderón – Founders of Merqueo

Jaime Gillinski Bacal – Owner of GNB Sudameris Bank

Jerónimo Uribe, Santiago García and Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos – Co-founders of La Haus, online real estate company

Jorge Mario Velasquez – President of Argos

Juan Carlos Mora – Executive Director of Bancolombia

Alejandro Santo Domingo – Executive Director of Valorem

Sylvia Escobar – Former president of Terpel

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The ‘characters’ of the rest of the region

In the other countries of Latin America There was also the presence of large businessmen and new entrepreneurs, who have contributed from their sectors and foundations.

We present you a ‘top 10’ of the most outstanding ones.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, now a PSG footballer, is on the list of leading Argentines.

Lionel Messi – Argentinean soccer player

Damian Scokin – Executive Director of Despegar

Anitta – Brazilian singer

Lali Esposito – Argentine actress and singer

Carlos Fernando Chamorro
– Founding journalist of the newspaper ‘Confidencial’

Sascha Barbosa ‘Sascha Fitness’– ‘Influencer’ digital

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez – Mexican boxer

Marcelo Claure – CEO of Sprint, telecommunications company

Pedro Heilbron – Executive Director of Copa Holdings

Marcelo tinelli – Argentine businessman and presenter

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