Most Popular Business: Kampoeng Kurma Officially Bankrupt to Offer Scholarships to Japan

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The most popular economic and business news throughout Wednesday, May 26, 2021, starting from the journey of the Kampoeng Kurma bullying investment case.

Next, there was news about the hypermarket format that did not innovate much as one of the reasons for the closure of Giant outlets and the Ministry of Finance’s plan to respond to 97,000 mysterious civil servant data. Then there’s news about a list of retailers that were closed during the pandemic and offers of scholarships to Japan.

The five topics attracted the most attention of readers on the Bisnis channel. Here are five trending business news in full:

1. Twists and turns of Kampoeng Kurma, a Bodong Investment that is Now Bankrupt

Do you still remember Kampoeng Kurma, a bogus investment that was widely discussed at the end of 2019? Currently PT Kampoeng Kurma Jonggol has been officially declared bankrupt after the creditors rejected the peace plan proposal.

This investment fraud case began to surface after a number of residents who felt aggrieved flocked to ask for an explanation from PT Kampoeng Kurma Group in mid-November 2019.

What was the course of the case like in the first place?

Find out more about bankruptcy here.


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