Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Mother gives birth in the bathroom of a Chick-fil-A

SAN ANTONIO – A baby came into the world “with the cake under her arm” after being born in the bathroom of a Chick-fil-A north of San Antonio.

And the chain of fast food restaurants decided to give the girl Chick-fil-A free for life and guaranteed a job for her when she is old enough to work.

Burger King and his gesture towards dying puppy

[TLMD - NATL] Burger King and his gesture towards dying puppy

The parents of the child, who has been named Gracely Griffin, were heading to the hospital where she was to be born on Tuesday, when they stopped in the parking lot of the business to leave their other children with a friend to take care of them.

Once in the parking lot, the girl’s mother felt the need to use the bathroom and began to knock on the door of the restaurant, located between Highway 281 and Evans Road, begging to be let in.

Even though the store was already closed, the employees allowed the woman to enter the bathroom without imagining what was about to happen, since the baby was born there just six minutes later at 10:30 p.m.

Both the girl’s father and restaurant employees attended the delivery until the paramedics arrived to transfer the mother and her newborn to University Hospital, where both are in good condition.

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