MotoGP Aragon – The First Time To Race Without Rossi, Vinales Bluffs Page all – His absence Valentino Rossi make Maverick Vinales have to fight alone in the team Monster Energy Yamaha on MotoGP Aragon.

However, Maverick Vinales was able to appear quite aggressive in free or training sessions free practice and Qualifications MotoGP Aragon.

In session free practice (FP) 1 and FP2, he is capable of being the fastest racer.

It’s just that he had decreased in FP3 to 12th position and in FP4 it increased slightly, namely in 5th place.

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Then, Vinales skyrocketed in the Qualifying round (Q) with the right to rank second in the starting gri MotoGP Aragon (18/10/2020) at the Aragon Circuit.

Vinales revealed Valentino’s absence Rossi makes Yamaha’s Monster Energy paddock a little weird.

However, he still believes Rossi can recover quickly.

“First of all, I want to apologize to Valentino Rossi because he cannot be here,” said Vinales.

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“I hope he gets well soon,” he continued as quoted by Yamaha’s official website.

Regarding the peak of the race later, the Spanish racer is sure he can make a sweet ending if you look at the data on the FP and Qualification sessions.

“Even though the track was not at its best, our lap times were quite fast. The bike was working well from the first lap,” said Maverick Vinales.

“We know this track is good for us, because there are lots of curves that flow.”

“We just need to improve in a few corners and we did it today, which makes me very happy.”

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“Today was windy here too, and usually Yamaha was very stable at that time. Our racing speed was pretty good,” he said.

Vinales hopes that tomorrow’s weather can help him perform better, especially regarding the temperature at the Aragon Circuit.

This is because the temperature at the Aragon Circuit was at nine degrees Celsius and made the track a little dangerous.

“I hope tomorrow the temperature will be a little higher. Moreover, this morning the conditions are very difficult,” he said.


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