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MotoGP does not rule out Grand Prix behind closed doors in 2020 because of the coronavirus

Canceled Qatar, Dorna’s goal is for the 19 pending races to be played

The coronavirus has made this weekend’s event in Qatar historic. Start the MotoGP World Championship and it will … without MotoGP. Only Moto2 and Moto3 riders will compete, simply because they arrived in the country before quarantine was decreed for all those passengers flying from Italy. The big bikes are in Losail, but not the mechanics who should start them and the riders that make them run. There was no way to find a solution and the Qatar 2020 race is definitely canceled. From that moment on, the priority objective of the International Motorcycle Federation and Dorna, the organizing company of the championship, is that the remaining nineteen races can be played this year. This was explained yesterday in Qatar by its head, Carmelo Ezpeleta. “We always say that our company is dedicated to racing and that is our obligation, regardless of economic or sports interests.”

But the Grand Prix will depend on how the virus evolves and the measures of the different countries in this regard. Yesterday it was confirmed that the Thai GP, scheduled for March 22, is going to move to the first weekend of October, a date on which the Aragon GP was scheduled, which is advanced seven days. For now, the Thai date is saved and, today, the 2020 World Cup is supposed to start in Texas on April 5. Although nobody is able to put their hand in the fire. “Right now there is no problem for the United States and Argentina to dispute,” said Ezpeleta, aware that conditions may change from one moment to another. In fact, he admitted that there were attempts to postpone Austin and swap him with one of the races in Spain, but there was no room to organize such a thing in such a short time.

What the CEO of Dorna did not rule out is to see this course some Grand Prix in which the presence of the public is not allowed. «MotoGP behind closed doors? Everything is possible. The only thing we can say is that the rumors are ignored and that every action taken in a country we will react with alternative ideas, ”he explained.

Everything is in the air depending on what the coronavirus dictates. Yesterday, at the Losail circuit, the 2020 season was opened without MotoGP riders at the official press conference. Only Moto2 and Moto3 will roll, the lesser evil for Qatari organizers. It will obviously not be the same, but health comes first and MotoGP riders agree. “Caution must be the priority,” confirmed Marc Márquez, who, like everyone else, expects news.


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