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Moulin turns on his players after the defeat in Nice

Monday 08 February 2021 18:32 -Article written by La Rdaction – Comment this article

It was a very angry Stéphane Moulin who spoke yesterday after the heavy defeat of the SCO in Nice. Beaten 3-0, the Angevins missed out on their match and Stéphane Moulin highlighted the low investment of his men during the training sessions preceding the match.

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“I know it’s not a fluke, he says. I believe a lot in what we do when preparing for a match. When we do the session we did the day before … did not go very well yesterday, it did not go very well today either. (…) It did, it did, period. When you are not in the blow the day before, we are not in the coup the next day. So today, we have harvested well what we have sown. We can only blame ourselves “, thus let go the Angevin coach, as explained by RMC Sport. He was not at all satisfied and expected better for the entry into contention in the Coupe de France against Rennes on Thursday evening.

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