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Mourinho: I was wronged and won 25 and a half trophies in my career

Jose Mourinho, the current coach of Roma and former Tottenham, called for more respect for his various experiences, especially the recent experience with Tottenham.

The Portuguese coach was sacked a few days before the League Cup final between Tottenham and Manchester City, which ended with the latter achieving the title.

Mourinho claims to have won 25 and a half trophies in his coaching career, referring to the League Cup final as a championship half.

The veteran coach told the British newspaper, The Sun, “If you want me to be proactive now, you can ask me, how many trophies have I won in my life? I will tell you then that I have won 25 and a half, the half is the final that I have not played with Tottenham.” .

He added: “When you ask any player who appeared in several finals, he will tell you that the final is a dream for everyone, and it does not matter if it is the first or number 20 or 50 for you, the Wembley final was more than just a dream, playing there and winning the championship was a double dream for me.”

He continued: “I am the type who, when he leaves, moves quickly and wishes well for everyone in the club, but in a funny way I say that I have 25 and a half titles, because it is something that distinguishes my career not to play a final that I deserved to be in.”

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It is noteworthy that Mourinho had a busy career as a coach, where he started his career with Porto and then moved to Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid, before returning to the Blues again, then Manchester United, Tottenham and finally Rome.


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