Moved from Toyota Camry XV40 to Camry XV55. The owner shares his disappointment: “In general, this is Toyota!”

A motorist drove the 40th Camry for 7 years.

Many Russians are interested in how it feels when you sit in a Toyota Camry XV55 after many years of driving a Camry XV40. The owner decided to share the experience of both cars.

The owner shared his disappointment at one of the thematic automotive forums. After 7 years of driving the 40th Camry, he bought the 55th. According to him, the car has become much tougher, but he did not like it. The pits do not “swallow”, as in the XV40, although the wheels are the same diameter.

The car owner also did not like the new electric power steering on the Toyota Camry XV55. After 2,000 km of the run that he drove, the motorist did not understand how he works: “First to the left, then to the right! I steer constantly! I went to the wheel alignment, it seems nothing has changed. ”

However, the most annoying minus of the Toyota Camry XV55 compared to the Camry XV40 was a poor paintwork. According to the owner, with a run of 2 thousand kilometers, the car is already scratched.

There are pluses at the 55th Camry: the best interior design, a pleasant price-quality ratio, as well as improved sound insulation. “In general, this is Toyota! There is no euphoria, and it doesn’t cause problems, ”the owner concluded.


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