Movements between regions from 3 June, if not at high risk

After giving the green light to travel within your region starting May 18, the premier Giuseppe Conte, in the press conference on Saturday 16 May, made official that starting from June 3rd everyone will also be allowed to move between the various regions without self-certification. (At the moment it is possible to do it only for work, health and emergencies, and this form must be used).

Today, the Minister of Regional Affairs detailed the possibility for this possibility Francesco Boccia, who at the hearing of the Federal Tax Commission in the Chamber set the conditions for this possibility to start again for everyone. The hypothesis of planning interregional reopenings from June 3 was made official, he said, but on condition that the data of the monitoring. If a region high risk, evident that cannot participate in interregional mobility.

The data of the monitoring carried out by the Ministry of Health and by the Ministry of Health and Higher Institute of Health on the basis of data recorded by the Regions and classified into 21 different parameters. (Here you will find those communicated last Saturday).

Monitoring data, which it happens every week, will be disclosed every Friday: in fact, this means that the key date for deciding the reopening of regional borders will be May 29th.

If a region were to be included among the high risk ones, it would therefore be excluded from regional mobility, and different rules would apply for that territory. The monitoring data at the end of the lockdown indicated that Regions with moderate risk only Molise, Umbria and Lombardy. No region fell under the high risk classification.

The most important index for determining the risk of each region rt: as explained here, while the R0 index indicates the potential transmissibility of an infectious disease in its initial phase in a susceptible population, Rt describes the rate of contagiousness after the application of measures to contain the spread of the disease. In summary, Rt is the measure of the potential transmissibility of the disease linked to the contingent situation, that is, the measure of what happens in the context. The SARS Cov-2 virus, to understand us, has an R0, on average, of 2.5 secondary cases, while the transmissibility index Rt, at this time, between 0.2 and 0.7, because they have been put ongoing containment systems that are allowing us to reduce the number of cases.

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