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Moving to the upscale neighborhood from the owner sleeping on the sidewalk.. Hajja Faiza tells her tragedy: She married a rich Arab and my nephew cheated me and sold my apartment.

Friday 18/August/2023 – 09:10 PM

My heart is broken for my son and my son’s heart for Ali is a stone..Any one of us can be exposed to fraud or deception in any situation during his life, which is possible, but if the stab comes out in you. a family, and the last you expect his betrayal, then the problem is equally with disaster and calamity, and in our story here it is told We have Hajj Faiza, the 85-year-old, who has tragedy is with an eye full of broken heart. about the past, with the language of the condition he describes and the bitterness he suffered inside and outside Egypt, where he suffered fraud from his brother’s son, after he adopted him in the prime of life, and he was consider him. as his son, because he was not He could have children, and raised him until he grew up and eventually deceived him, as he wrote the apartment for him and as soon as he had him, His hidden face appears and disowns the ties of blood. and uterus between them, and he took over his apartment and put him out on the street to become homeless in the upscale neighborhood and homeless or helpless.

Mayday needs Faiza who is homeless in upscale neighborhood

Days without mercy for Faiza since a beautiful flower came out of the world looking for someone to take care of her and be able to preserve her, as she began her life in the year 63 with a career in the field of cinema and theater. , and in the year 76 he traveled to the State of Kuwait in the dream of a wealth of halal that would suffice him in the journey of life and guarantee him a safe life in the betrayal of the day where From the work of exile, he collect and save. enough money to live safely in his country.

The beginning of the story was that Hajja Faiza was living a quiet life in the Mohandessin area, and at the beginning and in the beginning of her life, things were not easy and the conditions were not rosy. The winds do not please the ships, as her husband . died only two years after their marriage, they became a widow at a young age, so the idea of ​​traveling abroad was part of getting out of the dark circle of where he lived to start a new life.

Return to Egypt and start a new life … and fall into the trap of swindlers

Hajja Faiza sought after her trip to Kuwait to secure her future, by working and getting halal money, and there her manager at work admired her and asked her to marry him and he actually married her. in problems and arguments that did not stop, until the Kuwaiti husband divorced her and received all his dues and returned to Egypt to live in the apartment that he received in Giza Governorate, and he thought of he saves his money in one of the money- companies working at the time, to meet the shock of his new life and exposure to fraud in a large amount of money.

He thought of getting married again, he got married at that time and stayed with her for a while, but it was no better than before, because quarrels and quarrels knew the way of life, so marriage there ended in divorce, and He received his money from him, and here Faiza preferred to live alone in the hope that she would have a quiet life. Where he went into early retirement, and tried to manage his affairs, were satisfied with his monthly pension, and his life arrangement. in this way, but fate had another opinion and different disposition.

Cairo 24 editor and Hajja Faiza

The story of a woman who is running away from time after the betrayal of the closest family

Hajja Faiza’s problems continued from one problem to another, and he had no way out, and he thought of selling his apartment located in Mohandessin at the time, to live in October. From finding a comfortable life, and the days and years passed, and Hajja Faiza lived quiet days, she was satisfied with her monthly pension, and she could not have children for medical reasons in her, and she was took his brother’s son as his son, as he raised him, he did well with him and was not stingy with. anything until he grew up and tried to ensure his future and wrote to him His only apartment is in his name, so that he can take positive care of him in his old age, and he reaps the positive he sowed with him.

While his brother’s son showed his true ugly face, he did not appreciate this positive treatment, what he did with him, and the positive education, and he waited for Hajja Faiza when she visited the godly parents as usual every Friday, and he took over. the apartment according to his assignment, kicked her out of it and threw her furniture and clothes on the street, and was disappointed that after she left the apartment to him, he would treat her well and take care of her when his head. turn gray, but there is no way, so he betrayed him and kicked him out of the house in a situation that made the children gray.

Hajja Faiza’s body could not bear any more shock

Hajja Faiza lived on the street, homeless, living on the street and was robbed at times and harassed at other times by those around him. He tried to go to his family, but everyone denied him, and the family that the closest ones abandon it, and it. did not find a shelter for him. animals lost in the streets, and he is about 85 years old and can no longer bear any conflict that gnaws at the emaciated body, in his life there are many tragedies and dark nights that he has faced, and his body has inhabited many diseases from diabetes and pressure in neuropathy, and now he lives on the street, homeless and without a person, except for the rest of what is in his apartment.

Even the old lady’s clothes were not spared from the misfortune of her brother’s son, she refused to give him her clothes after he was old, she trusted him and did not agree to give him anything.

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