Friday, 14 Dec 2018

MP Eric Coquerel in Colombes, the Action French claims

He was taken by surprise. The deputy (FI) of Seine-Saint-Denis Eric Coquerel underwent a “trimming”, Thursday evening in Colombes, while he was preparing to lead a debate on immigration in a brewery of the city. An assault claimed on Friday morning by the Paris branch of the far-right royalist Action France (AF).

The events took place in the early evening on the terrace of the brewery “Le Jardin du Marché”, located Place Henri-Neveu in Colombes. As the member prepares to enter the cafe, a young man approaches him and out of a plastic bag a plate filled with cream, which he projects in the face of the deputy.

” It was sunny. Two men were already there on the terrace. When Eric arrived, one of them stood up, walked over to him and put a plate of shaving foam in his face, says Christiane Chombeau, host for Colombes rebellious, the local branch of the FI. Two others, placed on the stairs, were filming. Everything went very fast and the four spun in fourth gear. ”

The sequence was published on social networks by the AF. In his editing – in which we hear the cry “Montjoie, Saint-Denis! – the royalist group presents this attack as a response to the occupation, last March 18th , of the basilica Saint-Denis by some 80 people protesting against the bill “Asylum immigration” of the government. An action to which Eric Coquerel had participated.

“The government would do well to look at these groups of extreme right,” says Eric Coquerel, joined by The Parisian. The unsubmitted member announces to lodge a complaint.

In a statement, the association The 2nd Thursday of the month, co-organizer of the debate – which was held exceptionally the third Thursday of the month – as well as unrepentant Colombes condemn the aggression and specify that they will bring their testimony to the police “so that this intolerable aggression does not go unpunished “.

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