MP no longer wants animals on election posters


"I have nothing against animals, I was at the head of a dog center for 25 years! I am at 2000% for the animal cause! Dino Cinieri, 65, deputy The Republicans of the Loire, swear! And denies any animosity towards dogs and other cats.

But here, in elections, it does not pass. As part of a proposed electoral clarification law, the elected LR has tabled an amendment to "ban the inclusion of the photo of an animal on the posters and ballots" in elections, as spotted by a journalist on Twitter.

"You have to respect certain rules and put on a bulletin or a poster, only the name and the picture of the candidate. It takes a little sincerity in the poll, "says MP LR.

The Pet Party

In his viewfinder: the animalist party's European campaign, which had chosen to highlight photos of dogs or cats on its official election posters, and a logo representing the best friend of the man on the ballot. The animal list had also collected 2.16% of the votes (490 000 ballots!), Just close to those of the PCF and the UDI! And realizing three times the score Patriots Florian Philippot.

Dino Cinieri believes that this type of campaign tends to mislead voters – even if no one had to seriously imagine sending a cat to sit in Brussels – not highlighting the potential candidates, whether they have competed in European or that they do it at the next municipal elections.

If the Law Commission and the rapporteur of the proposal in the National Assembly validated his amendment (the text must also go back to the Senate), only the question of the ballots was finally retained. Do not in the future, if he wishes, deprive the Animal Party or any other party of posting a beast at the head of the billboard.


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