MR and Vooruit deeply divided on second residence tax deductibility

The question of the tax deductibility of second, third or even fourth residences continues to annoy.

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Le MR and Vooruit, majority partners at the federal level, continue to be in deep disagreement between them on the question of the tax deductibility of second, third and fourth residences, it emerged on Sunday from the program “De Zevende Dag” ( Eén – VRT). The president of Vooruit, Conner Rousseau, thus openly announced that he would continue to fight against the measure.

In the federal budget agreement, the tax benefit has been maintained, although at Flemish level the first-time home benefit has long since been abolished.

Deep disagreements

“It is an anomaly because Flanders has adapted the tax system”, argued the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez. “So it’s a very Flemish reading. In Wallonia and Brussels, there are still mechanisms for first housing. “

Mr. Bouchez has denied that this is a benefit that benefits the rich. According to him, many small self-employed people have, for example, a second home. “It is a small advantage which allows you to put something aside for your retirement”, underlined the president of the MR.

Conner Rousseau strongly disagrees with this analysis.

L’avis de Vooruit

“If you have to negotiate for a very long time to find a government and you want to tackle the pandemic crisis together, the climate crisis and other things, sometimes you have to include personalities and parties who have certain special requirements, ”he said.

“We have to help people get a first home, but if you can buy a second, third or fourth home… Good for them, I wish everyone, but should the government still help them at some point? where so many single people and families can’t make ends meet and can’t buy their own homes? We believe it is not fair and we will continue to fight to make it go away, ”he commented.


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