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Mr Tee King of Desserts makes fun of returning to Cornwall

A van that boasts the best desserts in the country has made fun of his return to Cornwall.

For the uninitiated, Mr Tee King of Desserts serves ice cream sundaes filled with pancakes, waffles, cakes, pastries, biscuits and practically every other type of pastry imaginable.

He has gathered a Facebook fan base of over 230,000 people who will queue for hours for one of his masterpieces.

Originally from Bolton, the man behind the imaginative desserts, Tee Smith, posted on Facebook that he would have arrived in Cornwall if his post had received more than 1,000 shares.

So far it has had 571, with 259 comments.

The post states: “MISSION TIME. To my CORNWALL family !!!! 1K SHARES of this post and it’s a sealed deal !!

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“A weekend full of delicacies arose in the Duchy.”

Tee had previously visited Bodmin in March of last year.

Announcing his arrival on Facebook, he published: “We have arrived.

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News about food and drinks

“We are located in the upper car park in the BODMIN long stay car park! And we are ready to serve you immediately!

“For the safety of our customers, park your vehicles in the lower level car parks and walk towards us to the vans.

“And remember that any waste generated is disposed of responsibly in a trash can or take it home with you.

“It will be a beautiful evening.

“Get down here and fight the lines, see what people all over Britain are talking about!”

The vans also serve hot waffles, cakes and biscuits.

To find out what Mr Tee is doing on his Facebook page here.


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