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‘Mrs World’ Restores Crown & Retreats After Fighting on Mrs Sri Lanka Stage

Merdeka.com – The winner of the “Mrs World” beauty contest, Caroline Jurie, returned her crown weeks after a brawl on stage, in which she pulled the crown from the head of the winner Mrs. Sri Lanka, organizers said.

“The decision to resign voluntarily was made by Caroline herself,” said Mrs. World Inc in a press release on social media on Wednesday, quoted from Al Jazeera, Friday (23/4).

Jurie gave up her title earlier this month, defending her stunt of removing the crown from the head of this year’s Mrs World Sri Lanka winner, Pushpika de Silva. Caroline took the action because she considered Pusphika not worthy of participating in the contest on April 4 because she was divorced from her husband.

Pushpika says she separated from her husband but not divorced, and court proceedings are ongoing.

“It’s one thing to separate. Divorce is another matter, “he said at Facebook.

Caroline Jurie, who is Sri Lankan, was accused of injuring Pusphpika de Silva in the televised contest. Four days later, he was arrested on charges of “causing minor injury and criminal coercion” and later released on bail.

Caroline said she defended “injustice” and the contest was “fraudulent”. He wanted to make sure every contestant got the same opportunity.

Pushpika accuses Caroline of injuring him while trying to pull out the crown. She was again awarded the crown on Monday by organizers, who denied Caroline’s claim that Pushpika did not qualify.

Contestants in the Mrs World event, a beauty contest for married women and Mrs Sri Lanka is required to be married. Pushpika is eligible to compete in the Mrs World event after winning at the national level.

Caroline could not be reached for comment on this matter.


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