MTS enters the cloud gaming market. Reedus

MTS mobile operator followed the example of other Big Four operators and joined the direction of cloud gaming. It is reported by Kommersant.

Russian telecom operators have shown interest in cloud gaming after major US companies Apple, Google, and Microsoft introduced similar services last year. Now domestic operators have a serious advantage, since the decisions of American companies have not yet entered the Russian market. In addition, the self-isolation regime has increased the interest of Russians in games.

Unlike other Big Four telecom operators that launched their services with a specific partner, MTS is going to launch a game marketplace. At the pilot stage, the operator collaborates immediately with three Russian companies represented by Loudplay, Playkey and Drova. Loudplay and Playkey work on the principle of GeForce Now, that is, with the help of these services the user launches the game in the cloud on company servers. And Drova connects users to each other when one of the users leases the performance of their computer on a cloud.

At the same time, MTS is also negotiating with GeForce Now, however, Nvidia’s service does not plan to become a participant in the project yet.

The prospects for this service are rather doubtful, because MTS already had attempts to enter the gaming market. Yes WASD. MTS TV still exists, but it still has not gained popularity. The only feature of the MTS project is the PlayKey service, which was popular several years ago, but is now significantly outdated. Now on the market there are only two worthy cloud gaming services – Google Stadia, which has not yet reached Russia, and GeForce Now, which has already become popular in our country, – Fedor Kazakov, media manager and IT columnist for Rossiyskaya Gazeta, explained to Reedus.

Last year, the volume of the game market has grown markedly. However, the income of mobile operators from cloud gaming is still small. Experts believe that revenues will increase with the launch of fifth-generation networks in Russia.

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