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Mum’s social media warning after son is smothered to death on Facebook’s post

The mother of Carl Gregory, a Pokemon Go fan who was murdered on Facebook, issued a heartfelt warning about the dangers of social media.

Helen Godden said that her son's murder was "foolish" and pointed out that online words can lead to "very real actions with consequences".

   Carl Gregory had never met his striker before the couple organized to meet

A pair organized to meet

In an interview with The Mirror, Helen said that well that social media can bring people together, she warned that she also had a dangerous side.

Gardener John Dickson was sentenced to life in prison. 18 years of strangling Carl, 20, by throttling him for almost two minutes, then banging his head.

Carl was lined up with Dickson and his friend Christopher Pollard on the evening of October. In 2016 after he said Helen, "I'm sure no one thought the day would end in murder, but people see something on Facebook, go wild and go wild. feel big and strong when they are alone in front of a computer.

   Carl's mother, Helen Godden, spoke on the dangers of social media after a dispute over the post resulted in her death

SWNS: South West News Service

Carl's mother, Helen Godden, spoke on the dangers of social media after a dispute over this post led to her death

"They make plans and things quickly get out of control . " very real actions with consequences. Carl's murder was so insane and we must live forever with the pain. "

Dickson, who was 27 years old at the time, had pleaded not guilty but was convicted of murder after a three-week trial at Maidstone Crown Court in Kent.March 2017.

Pollard, of Meopham, Kent was cleared of murder and manslaughter.

   Carl had been out on the night of that death playing Pokemon Go

SWNS: Southwest News Service

Carl had was the night of this death while playing Pokemon Go

Judge Williams noticed at the hearing how Carl's "totally foolish" death highlighted the dangers of social media, triggered by what he said. she described it as a "futile" online line. "Carl, who had Asperger's and ADHD, had posted a photo of a woman jumping over giant penis statues adding the caption" How Most Girls Get Rid of Exes " "

He also marked his ex-girlfriend

He and Chloe were separated two months earlier, but stayed on October 4 in Margate, Kent, to play Pokemon Go – an augmented reality app. where players "hunt" virtual characters in real places

   John Dickson was found guilty of murder and imprisoned for life [19659025] SWNS: Southwest News Service </p>
</div><figcaption class= John Dickson was convicted of murder and imprisoned for life
   The scene outside Westwood Cross, Thanet, Kent where Carl Gregory was killed in October 2016

The scene at the l & # 39; outside Westwood Cross, Thanet, Kent where Carl Gregory was killed in October 2016

Chloe, angry and angry at the post, told his friend Pollard and "hot words" were traded online between him and Carl.

Neither of them knew each other but they arranged to meet outside the Hobbycraft store at Westwood Cross in Broadstairs the same night.

A few minutes later, Carl was restrained in strangulation by Dickson

Helen, who lives in Ramsgate and has four other children, said that she had warned her son to try to maintain a friendship with him. ex and that she thinks "he was hurt" when he posted the photo on Facebook.

She said that she understood why Chloe was annoyed and upset when she saw the picture and that her son had to "be responsible for his role".

But says that he goes "so fast of an image on Facebook t o murder" was "crazy".

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