Municipal Elections 2019: Podemos and Vox, two Spain in three meters


The sky of Valladolid is the same for both of them, they live on the same agriculture and livestock, and they even share the secular mills of prosperity. They are limtrofes towns and they separate them two kilometers in straight line and a border without border of two strides of width. But, the 28-A, inSan Pelayogan United We can and inTower of the TowerVence Vox. It is the extreme example of the polarization and the 'mantra' of the rural urn: Here the person is voted.

The border is a road three meters wide. On one side, San Pelayo, 50 inhabitants. To the other, Torrecilla de la Torre, 36. The sky of Valladolid, the silence and the windmills are the same for these two peoples of Spain in retreat, of that hidden country without crowds. Everything is the same from the outside, a horizontal world of adobe and brick against the protuberance of a church and life with the echo of hoes and cows.

But when you zoom in on the magnifying glass of human condition, surprise jumps.

The 28-A has left an unprecedented result: in Torrecilla de la Torre Vox has won and in San Pelayo, United We Can. Two peoples stuck, two opposing parties. Two limtrofes villages, two antipodal policies.

Is an ideological trip possible in three meters?

From the outside, this story sounds like two Spain. From within there will be many more. Or one.

Crossed by a road, Torrecilla de la Torre rejects the rural geometry. There is no plaza, no buildingtown hall, nothing about what the town orbits. The reference is an unexpected church of the sixteenth century, an example of the vertical past of faith. Soon we will know that down there, in the guts of the village, peace does not reign.

Here many are no longer spoken, saysChari, councilor of PP. In this town there are clashes. Themes of families and quarrels, saysFrancisco Javier, itinerant prroco. I'm blown away Here they denounce you for anything. It's like the lawless west … or with too many laws, saysJos, an artist who is making a house on this side of theMississippi.

– But, mayor, what is that?

– Not before, but lately there is a bad atmosphere. Some are killing coexistence. One put some pruning shears on my neck. There are many complaints and cabezoneras.

Is calledEduardo Martnand is the mayor of Torrecilla de la Torre for 28 years. He lives of the 30 cows that make him sign in the block and in the field every day of the year, without parties to keep. It shows us the restoration of the church and tells that during his Alcalde the cemetery was fenced, where the dogs hozaban to take the bones of the dead. And that the streets are already asphalted, there are sidewalks, the light and water conduction have been renewed, and the old master's house is a town hall and office. The City Hall building was burned down in 1975 and we have not been able to rebuild it.

This cattleman with hands of ordeo and command does not charge for the position that holds, first with the PSOE and for two decades with the PP.

Because, here, that of the ideology is the least.

Raquel Sanzgo to 26-M by the PSOE and her husband,Carlos Real, by PP. I am more of Citizens, but to go for them they asked me to send my husband to Citizens. The PSOE was the one that gave me more freedom. For the PP I could not introduce myself because there are already three. But here you do not vote for ideology, you vote for the person.

People gather and the gossip is over, says the mayor of UP of San Pelayo

And then why did Vox win in the generals? The first one surprised was me, confesses the mayor. The vote is secret. It seems to be … it seems, eh, that it's a family that votes Vox whole. But I can not guarantee it. What I'm telling you is that it was not me.

That April 28, Vox obtained 12 votes, PP 11, Cs 3 and UP 3. Maybe in this sigh of Spain there is no ideology, but with a pactto the Andalusian, in Torrecilla the grass will not grow back to the left of ideas.

I do not understand about Vox. Here is traditionpeaand that has brought depopulation, a stale vision. We bet for repopulation, culture, tourism … For a place that unites the people. Not everything has been done wrong, but people have voted in the general against a way to manage the municipal. IsSalom Martn, Take the Word candidate (UP).

Vox is a mystery. We investigated but nobody has voted for the radical right. Not even in the presumed green ballot family did we catch a slip. I have not been, huh. The vote is secret, no idea. Ugh, to know ….

Rosario Nietorepeat for the PP. Take care of the two children we have seen and help in the church. Vox has been voted by a very conservative big family. But the ideology does not matter; Everyone gives us caa. The person is voted. Or against her.

Vox does not show up. What is your vote? Given the personalist gene of the 26-M, it could be that Vox voters give power to the left … I see my re-election difficult. It has always been a right-wing town, but … says the mayor.

Summary: we have a townpopularwhere a pulse arisesvoxiststuck to another with most of left.

– And how are the villages?

– Cool! I do not tell you that the ideology does not matter? – the mayor lets go.

– There has always been very good vibes, says the councilor of the PP.

Three meters wide separate the territories of Torrecilla de la Torre and San Pelayo. But along the towns are two kilometers.

Vox seems to be voted by a family. I did not go, says the 'popular' mayor of Torrecilla

In San Pelayo there is a plaza, a town hall with flags, a social center and a playground. And at three o'clock in the afternoon not a soul walks around.

GracielaYGabrielThey are building a house. They are Argentines and, therefore, they speak well. This is not a town, it is a private neighborhood where people help each other. The bar is a social club, not an asylum. Gan UP by the mayor; He has done things for families and the elderly. They do not vote for ideology, but for the person.

MiriamYngela FrayleThey agree. But the reverse: This town has always been on the right. The left wins because there is some more young and people who register forVirginia. Because although the census has risen, here we always live the same. The Virginia thing is noticeable in the activities, but you have to fix the streets. In the end, the town does not change much. And people are not ideals, they are people.

We found the truth: The ideology is not voted, the person is voted.

A shepherd and his sheep in San Pelayo.

Is themantraof the rural urn, the eternal axiom of the municipality in Spain, the greatness of a policy in miniscule or the petty of politics in capitals. Choose you.

In San Pelayo, the Reconquista has been leftist. In 2015, the voters gave the Mayor to Podemos and the community to the PP. A town of municipal purple and blue regional. And today, of general left: the 28-A, UP had 14 votes, the PP 11, the PSOE 6, Cs 5 and the Pacma 2.

Carlos Cantalapiedra, the one in the bar, is a good-looking widower who, 18 years ago, was a prejubile worker and rioneered in Valladolid and came to live with his wife in San Pelayo. I did not leave home because the town was dead. My wife went to church, but I, forgive me, I'm not a church and I do not see anyone. But now there is a social center and I help in the bar every day. UP has left because the girl does things well. It hurts me that Virginia did not repeat. Here the person is voted.

With themantrain the spirit and in the eardrum we look for Virginia.

The mayor. Person.

– Here they talk about you …

– S, ha, ha … We've made people relate; that puts an end to gossip and quarrels. We have created a social center. There have been exhibitions, concerts, theater, cinema, computer science, gymnastics … We even bought a TV the day of theChampions. The cultural is not only urban.

Virginia Hernndez works in theDiputación de Valladolid. The remaining time is for your town. San Pelayo gives to work 10 hours a day. I have become accustomed to having a wine in the social center with the computer on my legs. She also does not know why Torrecilla wins Vox and also believes that in San Pelayo UP wins by the influence of the local.

– And how are the villages?

– No problem, say the Frayle.

– All good. Since this is so small, with 15 years we went to Torrecilla to tell us things. We went to secrecy, reveals the mayor.

As we speak, the photographer wows through the town. See a lovely dog ​​and makeclick. But the barking is not animal. You have taken a picture of my dog ​​without permission. Brrala already !.

Nothing happens. Carlos Garca Pozo is interested in another image.

We go with Virginia and Eduardo to the border between San Pelayo and Torrecilla de la Torre. We are under the imposing figures elicas that have fattened the budgets of the towns where they rise. So they are not mills, they are giants.

And so, together, the mayordwellingWe can of a town of Unidas Podemos and the mayorbluefrom a village of Vox they pose and they go as if they were the two Espaas … in one.

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