Municipal in Paris: "The capital deserves better than Hidalgo bashing"


Hugues Renson is deputy of paris, vice-president of the National Assembly

"To put an end to the systematic confrontations, that is what built the success of Emmanuel Macron. But while the municipal chapter is barely open, I fear that the originality of our approach will dissipate and that Parisians will be relegated to the rank of observers of a political struggle that would not be up to par.

There are indeed enough reasons for legitimate criticism of the outgoing municipality to avoid succumbing to the ease of controversy. When the account is not there, as on the cleanliness, the works, the fight against the expensive life in Paris, let us say it, and bring credible proposals. But when solutions consistent with our recommendations are implemented – even late – why should we criticize them? Do not fall for ease or caricature. Do not try to fire any wood, at the risk of losing all credibility.

This is the case with the municipal police. Even late, its creation is all the more positive as the mayor defies the ideological opposition of part of her majority. Security is a major issue for Parisians. We salute the progress, and work to ensure that its deployment benefits all neighborhoods, especially the most exposed. The same is true of the abandonment in Ménilmontant of a development project contested by residents, which will help to maintain a breathing space in a neighborhood that needs it. Rather than be choosy, let's think about ways to better involve tomorrow's Parisians in decisions. I propose to replace the inefficient management by districts with an effective and participative management by districts. Revive neighborhood councils, give power to Parisians to act on their living environment, these are the challenges!

When Total is removed from sponsorship of the Olympics, rather than pulling out the heavy artillery – at the risk of using false arguments that discredit any legitimate questioning – let us ask the real issues: how to prevent such decisions from being unilateral? I advocate the creation of a college of ethics. To guarantee indisputable and transparent rules, both for sponsoring and for events supported by the city – I am thinking for example of Formula E.

Last example: the town hall finally decided to act to end the jungle that reigns in our streets with electric scooters. We were many to claim it! Let's be consistent and rejoice! And let's say our conception of travel policy. I propose that a conference of mobilities associates all stakeholders and 150 citizens drawn by lot from the next day, both to create a consensus on decisions of immediate application and to set the principles of the evolution of travel in Paris on ten years.

Faced with the deterioration of their quality of life and the explosion of the cost of living, Parisians are waiting for concrete answers. They deserve better than postures or a sterile bashing Hidalgo. Paris needs appeasement, not a dogmatic or personal debate. This is the meaning of my candidacy: to propose, rather than oppose, to gather rather than to cleave. "


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