Municipalities: Paris, Nice and Marseille, three cities at risk for Jacob


"The happiness of settling the Nice problem will come back to me," said Christian Jacob in July, anticipating his role as arbitrator once elected head of the Republicans. If the new boss of the right is rather confident about the outcome of the next election, he knows that three complicated files are waiting on the top of the municipal pile. The Riviera capital is the most emblematic with an outgoing mayor LR, Christian Estrosi, who claims the nomination The Republicans … while calling for an alliance with LREM. "Estrosi has made everyone dizzy and has become fragile," observes a party oil as he faces the candidacy for the inauguration LR Éric Ciotti, on good terms with Christian Jacob.

Will the member go all the way? His entourage assures … but is much quieter since the publication of a Nice-Matin poll that gives the outgoing mayor largely in the forefront of his rival, even if he was deprived of the investiture LR. "Ciotti will not go. But he wants to cheat … Estrosi to the end, "thinks an elected official. "In Nice, we are in a city on the right. I do not despair that we arrive at an intelligent solution, "philosophizes the new boss of the party.

"Every time we want to play the second round before the first, we lose"

Fratricidal battle in Marseille also between the president of the Bouches-du-Rhône and the Aix-Marseille metropolis Martine Vassal and Senator Bruno Gilles. The first is supported by outgoing mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin. For now, it is she who has the preference of the party leadership who keeps an eye on the polls that benefit him. The second, supported by regional president Renaud Muselier, swears he will go all the way. "I have nothing to negotiate. I do not do all this to be first deputy, "says the parliamentarian. "It's not easy to unplug," says a LR framework.

In Paris, it is not the question of the head of the list that poses a problem – the mayor of the 7th arrondissement Rachida Dati is assured of having the nomination – but that of the political space for the right. In the capital, LREM has made a mark in the presidential election and the recent European elections in May. Many outgoing elected representatives plead for an alliance with En Marche, convinced that LR is totally demonetized.

"In Paris, we do not have the vocation to be the substitutes of each other. There are two towers. Whenever we want to play the second round before the first, we lose, "however defends Christian Jacob who will present LR lists in all districts. Quit doing it against any outgoing right mayors. Divide rather than fade, the choice is Cornelian. "The challenge is neither more nor less than the right disappears in Paris," admits an important local leader.


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