Murder of an American woman in Greece: a suspect arrested


The Greek police on Monday arrested the main suspect in the murder in Crete of an American scientist whose body was discovered on July 8 in a cave. The man, a 27-year-old Cretan, is being held at the police station in Chania (Chania), the second largest city on the island. During the interrogation, the suspect allegedly confessed to the murder, according to a police spokesman quoted by CNN.

Suzanne Eaton, 59, traveled to Crete to attend a conference at the Chania Orthodox Institute. This molecular biologist from the Max Planck Institute, at the German University of Dresden, had not been seen since July 2nd, when it seems that she was out running.

The assumption of a sexual assault

His body was found 60 meters inside a cave near the road, not far from the city. According to some Greek media, the exams showed that his mouth and nose were clogged. The body also bore traces of stab wounds that would not have been lethal. The police consider that the attacker wanted to sexually abuse the scientist.

"We are deeply shocked by this tragic event. Suzanne was an exceptional scientist, a wife and a loving mother, a sportswoman and a truly wonderful person that everyone loved, "the Max Planck Institute responded in a statement.

Suzanne Eaton was married to a British scientist, Anthony Hyman, and had two sons.


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