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musicians play at distance Bolero de Ravel

Music breaks borders, even in quarantine isolation in the face of the spread of coronavirus (Orthocoronavirinae). This was demonstrated by the musicians of the French National Orchestra, they accomplished the incredible feat of playing the Ravel’s bolero with all its separate members.

As if it were a musical puzzle, one by one, the musicians of the orchestra to the rhythm of the notes.

The show begins with three musicians: a cellist, a violinist and a percussionist with the legend “Stay at home” written on his red drum, who played the first chords of the Ravel’s bolero.

The nuance of images and sound, which was recorded in a video published on the YouTube account of the National Orchestra of France, is added by a flute player with his amazing melody, which he apparently plays in his living room.

As the rhythm grows and the tension and power of the melody increases, more and more musicians join to form an orchestra of 50 elements. All at a distance, but united by the love of music in the midst of the health crisis unleashed in the world by the coronavirus (Orthocoronavirinae).

Didier Benetti, timbalero, made an arrangement of the work to reduce it from the usual 15 minutes to just under four, easier to manage on a social network.

To achieve the virtuous piece of Ravel’s bolero, the musicians they received their scores by e-mail, and obtained an audio track to listen to by earphone while they played.

However, the wonderful visual and auditory result that is the interpretation of the Ravel’s bolero It was not so simple, as the musicians were filmed over four days the last week of March.

A violinist played outdoors against the background of a beautiful seascape. Others remained inside their homes to give an air of intimacy. This time there was no dress code.

Dimitri Scapolan, a video producer and sound engineer, managed to unite the individual films in a sound and visual patchwork of remarkable coherence.

Acting for the video was “very therapeutic,” but it is a consolation award compared to being all on stage together, said Benetti, who, unable to bring the huge kettledrums home, improvised with a couple of chairs and kitchen equipment. .

The goal of touching the Ravel’s bolero It was to send a message to music lovers in the midst of the quarantine suffered by dozens of countries due to the spread of the coronavirus: we are with you.

For us, the public is essential. Without the public, we don’t really exist ”, said Didier Benetti, the timbalero.

Posting their performance on YouTube was a way to keep in touch with each other and with the public they miss so much.

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