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Mutseniets agreed with Priluchny because of his debts

Poverty forced Agatha to continue to “play” with Paul as a family.

A couple of Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny was involved in a major scandal with a divorce, but this was not a surprise for the couple’s fans. And before that, information appeared that the actress’s husband sometimes behaves like a pig: changes, abuses alcohol, beats Agatha. But then, really unexpected information appeared that even after all this, Mutseniece agreed with Priluchny and they again live in the same house as a family. The actress admitted that they had problems in their couple, told how they tried to solve them with a family psychologist, but she very conveniently kept silent about the fact that she was reunited with Priluchny not so much because of her debts.

Earlier in the public domain, confidential information appeared that Pavel had mortgaged his own expensive car in the amount of 5 million rubles. Immediately there was evidence that Priluchny had huge debts, but in fact there was no confirmation of this. There is debt, but where is the evidence that these are not Muceniece loans? Finding herself in debt like silk, Agatha sold honor and pride and looked through her fingers at Paul’s antics, and only then became agitated when his behavior began to be discussed by the public. Still would! The case when Priluchny got into a strange car drunk and fell asleep there is difficult to ignore.

And now, when the debts have not been paid to conduct the divorce proceedings, to divide property, to engage in the sale of a common house, neither Agatha nor Pavel have the time, energy or money. Damn them, with grievances and betrayals, it would be easy to survive now, – perhaps this is exactly what Muceniece decided and “forgave” Priluchny. And, probably, this family idyll will last until better times: when the debts are paid off, the pandemic will stop, the children will grow up, and Agatha will be able to be completely free even officially.


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