Mutseniets came across a mockery of sobbing bloggers

In an interview with Laura Juglia, the actress expressed her position on social networks.

One of the most high-profile divorces in the last month was the divorce of Pasha Priluchny and Muceniece. The week before, the actress laughed and happily told the journalist how happy she was that they could finally put an end to their relationship with her husband.

However, she obviously did something in vain! Mutseniets came across a mockery of sobbing bloggers.

Agatha was so impressed as some show business stars that shed tears on the camera that she spoke in their direction even with profanity. She said that she never understood and will not understand such people who play pain on camera. In her opinion, such a hysterical “performance” is possible only for public relations and to attract the public.

But, as time showed, what Agatha laughed at, she got it! Just a few days later, all of her fans saw her complaining about life with a bruised and sometimes broken face. The actress, with tears in her eyes and trembling lips, tried to explain the situation and complain about her husband, with the hope of protection from the people around her, friends and relatives.

Can the words of Muceniece itself be attributed to this situation? Probably not. Her appeal was completely sincere. Only one moment left a negative sediment about the unfortunate wife and mother. Her statement about those people who cry live, because the situations are different. Probably, she herself understood that you should not laugh at the actions of people in a situation that you did not find yourself in.


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