My Courgette Life, free online for three months!

It took a zucchini to deconfine this blog, dormant for lack of time (telework and school at home, it will make very good stories for animated films!).

Thanks to an ambitious partnership between France Télévisions and the Directors’ Fortnight, the site of the public audiovisual group broadcasts, free of charge and for three months, 21 films selected over the past thirty years. Among these feature films (including the list is here), only one animated film, but not the least: My zucchini life, to see here until August 14! The criticism is here.

As you know, this story of friendship between battered children is dear to my heart. It’s not for nothing that the image above has also been featured on this blog since its creation in November 2016, a month after the release of this sensitive and funny work which tackles serious and strong questions.

By using very stylized figurines, My zucchini life transcends reality (and it is ugly and hard the reality of an orphan who is not aware of having involuntarily killed his alcoholic mother!) while restoring it with great accuracy and infinite delicacy.

The success of the film, with more than 800,000 admissions, had also given a little hope to the defenders of cartoon animation after a series of commercial failures in 2015 and 2016.

To find out more about Ma vie de Courgette:

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