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“My daughter wanted to say hi and hug AMLO”

After this Saturday President Andrés Manuel López was criticized for kiss a girl on a tour of Ometepec, despite the recommendations of the pandemic of coronavirus, the minor’s father, Zuriel Díaz Cruz, clarified that they attended the crowd to greet the president.

“We went with great emotion to the doors of the hotel where he stayed (…) with great emotion we went to greet the president. Before the crowd, my daughter wanted to greet the President, I wanted to hug him, so I gave my daughter to the President to hug her, ”she said in a video uploaded to her Facebook account.

“In that photograph you can see a different face to joy, but I want to tell you that that face is because of the crowd there was, she felt a little nervous, she was very happy,” Díaz Cruz said.

As has happened in his tours of the country, despite the advance of the coronavirus pandemic, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has distributed kisses and hugs to all those who request it on his tour of the state of Guerrero.

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In a video uploaded to his social networks, on his way from Ometepec to Xochistlahuaca, the head of the Executive is observed distributing kisses and hugs to minors and women who were waiting for him on the way to this Amuzga community.

These images, especially where he kisses a minor on one of her cheeks, has drawn criticism from social network users, who point out that in the face of the coronavirus advance and with this the increase in security measures, the federal president keep handing out these tokens of affection.

On February 28, Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, recommended to the head of the Executive that in the presence of COVID-19 it is preferable not to give kisses and hugs to citizens.


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