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“My father was a happy man”

Brigitte, 44, is Daniel’s daughter and says straight away: “I’m happy to talk about him. My father was a happy man. A strong guy who didn’t need much. A little bohemian, yes. A musician who loved to live in his chalet. A proud man but with a lot of character. He didn’t ask people much. He preferred to be in nature ”.

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Unfortunately, his father has hit the headlines in recent months as the “last missing victim” of the floods in Wallonia. His body was found last October, on the banks of the Ourthe, near Angleur. Four months after the floods which caused unspeakable damage and more than thirty deaths. Never seen !

➜ Brigitte, Nathalie, Clément, Serge and Renaud, lost their father: “At the beginning, we didn’t think it affected dad”.


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