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On September 20, clarinetist and composer Alvils Altmanis invites to the author’s concert of his 70th anniversary at the Riga Latvian Society House.

The concert program will include the premiere of “Concert” for flute and piano (Dita Krenberga and Agnese Egliņa), Homage to Bach clarinet solo (Guntis Kuzma), Almost stylized sonata for oboe and piano (Pēteris Endzelis and Agnese Egliņa), “Three Possible Moods” for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano (Laura Grecka, Edmunds Altmanis and Mārtiņš Zilberts), “Serenade François” for flute, accordion and two kokles Eglīte and Ieva Mežgaile), as well as Divertments for flute, clarinet, cello and piano (Dita Krenberga, Mārtiņš Circenis, Diana Ozoliņa and Agnese Egliņa).

Anna Veismane: Was that your goal and idea – to show music composed in different periods in this concert?

Alvils Altmanis: The goal is to show what I have written over the years, and I am very glad that, addressing all of our leading musicians, there was no one who would refuse to participate in this concert! I don’t think years matter, because I could write just as well sonatas for oboe now, but for the new flute – in the past, because probably someone will think – oh, look, at that time he acted atonal, but now suddenly tonal music appears …

Many of these works have never been recorded. Or was that the reason why you chose these works?

Yes, we also talked to “Klasika” that it would be very good if this concert included works that were not recorded on the radio and in a way are new works. In fact, most will have works that will only sound for the second or third time and are not fortunate to record on the radio. New work is just a suite for flute. But, in my opinion, the works written earlier are also modern enough.

You say that none of the musicians have given up – I think it is natural, because quite a lot of outstanding musicians play your music in Latvia. Toskait Guntis Kuzma has played his music several times and you have dedicated a piece to him. Or else Homage to Bach dedicated to him?

In this case, the piece is dedicated to the clarinet as an instrument – it is a rather complex work, which is often played in competitions as a compulsory piece. Thanks to Guntis for playing and conducting many of my works, I have written a quintet for clarinet and string quartet. But there are many other dedications – Edmund, for example, is dedicated Concertino, but to the esteemed professor of composition Romualdals Kalsons – the sonata of the oboe, because he was once “guilty” of having to write this sonata while studying … .

You talk about accessibility – so that your music sounds not only in a very professional environment, but also in schools, academy, high schools, because you yourself are a practitioner who has played the clarinet for many years. Is it important for you to be able to start playing your music as a child?

While first class! Indeed, I have been a professional performer myself for many years – I still have the good fortune to put on a white shirt and step on stage. This, too, comes from Professor Kalson, because one of his suggestions was to always think about the performer: if the performer is comfortable, good and interesting, so will the listener!

More and more – in the record.

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