My mom won’t get vaccinated

I who have been a staunch defender of vaccines, who have lashed out at the Government when it seemed that immunization projections were hanging, that I know the vaccination plan by heart, that I keep an account of how many vaccines have arrived and I make judicious the calculation of those who have applied, I have in my family several people who do not want to apply the biological one. There are dozens, and I tell them with regret and perhaps blushing that among them are my mother, 54, and my grandmother, who is 80.

My grandmother, a woman who grew up in the country with access to few vaccines, perhaps believes deep down that people do not need these and that the effects of a vaccine are worse than the disease it can prevent. My mother is also attacked by fake news or by the misinterpretation of the news, she does not want to receive the vaccine either. Every time she came up with the subject, according to her, she has at hand the story of a person who died after being vaccinated. Although he has hundreds of examples around him of people who are well and who the injection did not even cause pain in their arm – including my dad, my sister who is a doctor and even me, who on the recommendation of my baby’s pediatrician I vaccinated abroad to pass antibodies through breastfeeding- she keeps the stories of those who died from the vaccine, gave them a respiratory arrest, a heart attack and in the best of cases they were hospitalized.

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It is difficult to explain to you and you may not want to understand that people do not die from the vaccine, they die from the virus. Getting vaccinated does not guarantee that you will not be infected with covid, unless you cannot die or that you are not going to enter an ICU, but with the vaccine the risk of any case worsening is less than 5%, without the vaccine it is 100% . Rather, it is much better to have it than not to have it and in the worst case scenario it will give you the same as if you had not applied it.

And that I have tried to explain to my mother: that the effectiveness of vaccines ranges between 70% and 95%. You can definitely get it, but the probability that you end up in an ICU would no longer be the rule of the virus but the exception. In addition, vaccines are safe, there is a greater risk taking an aspirin without a prescription or even, as is already widely spread, taking contraceptives. But the greatest benefit of vaccines, already proven, is that whoever receives them, even if they become infected, no longer infect another, so getting vaccinated is a favor for the world.

I fear for my mother and my grandmother, each time this virus turns out to be more contagious and lethal, and worst of all is that theirs are only two cases out of thousands who think the same. The only way out now is for the Government, already guaranteed all the vaccine batches, to speed up the process and allow vaccination for all people, regardless of their age or background. That on the one hand can help combat so much skepticism, because the more successful cases of vaccinated there are, the fewer arguments those who do not want to receive the immunological will have. On the other hand, an opening in the vaccination plan can quickly put us in the position of herd immunity, which in the end is the only chance we have of winning the battle against the pandemic.

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