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“My name is Francesco Totti” at the Rome Festival, “the captain” makes everyone cry

Totti’s heart really makes everyone cry: it is inevitable seeing the documentary «My name is Francesco Totti» by Alex Infascelli, which has passed to the 15th edition of the Rome Festival. For the serious grief that hit him, ‘the captain’ canceled the highly anticipated ‘close encounter’ with Pierfrancesco Favino. The decision not to come, after the recent death of his father, Enzo ‘the sheriff’ is for many the gesture of a good, generous and strong man who believes in family.

«His decision not to come – Infascelli confirmed today at a press conference – is true can be considered the last chapter of my documentary. I believe that Totti made this choice so that in the end only the film would speak for him and also to have the right time to think about something so intimate that it just happened to him ». From the sample only a long Instagram on October 14 dedicated to his father in which he says: «Without you I would never have made it. Sorry for the unspoken words … ».

And again: “Hi dad, I spent the worst 10 days of my life, knowing that you were there” alone “fighting against evil and not being able to see, speak, hug you, hold you, I would have done anything to be there to you”.

“My name is Francesco Totti” taken from the book Un Capitano written by Francesco Totti with Paolo Condò (published by Rizzoli) and in the hall as a special event on 19, 20 and 21 October, distributed by Vision Distribution – is a singular film that starts with a super eight of the Totti family that opens with an image of his father Enzo at the sea with his wife Fiorella and with a Francesco who just walks, but who is already raging with a ball bigger than him.

We then move on to the night preceding his farewell to football, May 28, 2017, the moving homage of an entire city, and from here, step by step, he retraces his entire life as if the champion saw it projected on a screen together with the spectators. All images and emotions that he comments only in voice, always off screen, between irony and bitterness. They range from hiring in Lodigiani when he was only twelve, the beginning of his career as a footballer with a father who never paid him a compliment and with a mother who did it only in secret.

The twenty-five years during which Totti wore only the Roma shirt pass quickly among thousands of archive images: from the Serie A debut in Brescia-Rome (March 28, 1993) to his farewell match, the Rome-Genoa (28 May 2017).

Among the cult phrases of this documentary that stages a character both ‘mythic’ as well as too ‘normal’, those that Totti himself says with his disenchanted Roman cadence such as: «I lose too much if I lose. And so I make bad gestures, ”he says as images of his historical faults pass by. Or in front of the not too beloved coach Luciano Spalletti who never summons him and wants to send him away, an explicit: “You kick me out of Trigoria, you kick me out of my house!”

Produced by Lorenzo Mieli, Mario Gianani and Virginia Valsecchi, a The Apartment and Wildside production, both of the Fremantle group, with Capri Entertainment, Fremantle, with Vision Distribution and Rai Cinema, in collaboration with Sky and Amazon Prime Video. It will be distributed by Vision Distribution in Italian cinemas, which will also handle international sales.

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