“My son killed himself for lack of sex.” Indian woman has her daughter-in-law arrested

AGI – Muli Parmar, a fifty-five-year-old woman from Ahmedabad, in the Indian state of Gujarat, had her daughter-in-law arrested accusing her of causing her son to commit suicide by refusing to have sex with him. The Times of India reports the story.

“I once went to my son’s room and found that he and his wife were sleeping in separate beds,” the woman told police, “when I asked my son why, he explained that they were not having an affair. physical as his wife had taken an oath that she would not sleep with her husband. “

The woman therefore denounced her daughter-in-law Geeta Parmar, for instigating suicide, asserting that the situation had brought her son, Surendrasinh Parmar, to such “mental stress” that he was forced to take his own life. Upon receiving the complaint, the police arrested the 32-year-old.

According to Muli Parmar, the absence of sex exacerbated the tensions between the two, prompting them to quarrel over minor issues until Geeta returned to live with her parents. Surendrasinh then blocked the woman’s phone but then fell into depression. Relatives allegedly found him hanged from a ceiling fan on July 27, after leaving him alone at home to attend a funeral. The unhappy marriage had lasted just 22 months.


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