Myths of Lunar Eclipses in Community Culture, Dragons, Jaguars to Moon-Eating Monsters

JEMBER PORTAL – Super blood moon or total lunar eclipse can be witnessed in Indonesia on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

This year’s total lunar eclipse is unique because it coincides with the Perige phase, where the moon is closest to the earth.

A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned.

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When the moon will enter the Earth’s shadow, the sun’s light that is received by the surface of the Moon is temporarily covered.

When the Sun, Earth, and Moon unite in a straight line, a total lunar eclipse will occur. If the three objects line up so that the Moon is partially covered by the Earth’s umbra, a partial lunar eclipse occurs.

On the other hand, if only the outermost part of the earth’s shadow covers the moon, there will be a lunar penumbra eclipse.

This alignment makes the lunar eclipse certain to occur in the temporary full moon phase because of the tilt of the moon’s orbit to Earth, not every full moon will have a lunar eclipse.

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