Na Battle of Thermostat ': Cold Rooms Women's productivity could be destroyed


Truth is universally acknowledged – or at least discussed on social media – that a woman who works in an office needs a jumper.

Office air conditioning is often fixed at temperatures that women get cold; The resulting water debate was called “the battle on the thermostat”. women's body heat production may be overestimated by 35 per cent.

However, the question of low demand is whether the temperature affects men's and women's productivity differently. In a study published Wednesday in PLOS One magazine, researchers reported that men scored higher than women on verbal and math tests at colder temperatures. But as a warmer room grew, women's scores rose significantly. Further confirmation of the results is required under a combination of conditions. But they contribute to the scientific reflection of the spaces in which we work and study, sometimes designed with a limited set of physical needs.

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The researchers asked more than 500 college students to do tests for hours in rooms with temperatures between 61 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Students made as many simple mathematical problems (without the help of a calculator) as possible, and reorganized a series of letters until they could, within a time limit. They were also asked to solve a series of tricky logic problems.

The temperature did not affect the scores when deemed as a group. But when the researchers split the data between men and women subjects, a clear pattern emerged. Scores on the logic problems did not change as the temperatures changed, but the test and math test scores did.

“If the temperature is cold, men are much better than women,” said Agne Kajackaite, a behavioral economist researcher at WZB Berlin's Social Science Center in Germany, and author of the study. “So this gender gap is there.”

She said, “But when the temperature increases, the gender gap disappears” on the maths test, and women disappear with men on the verbal test.

For each 1.8 degree increase, women's math scores increased by 1.76 per cent. That difference could be small, but it added.

“When the temperature was below 70 Fahrenheit, women, on average, sorted tasks correctly,” said Dr. Kajackaite. “And when the temperature was over 80 Fahrenheit, women were prepared 10.56 tasks.”

She said, “That is, women's performance increased by 27 per cent.” T

Do the results mean that there is some ideal temperature at which male and female capabilities are even less? This is a big jump taken from one study which revealed people for these temperatures for one hour. Kajackaite.

“You don't have much time to be unhappy,” she said.

We are in our workplaces or classrooms for longer periods, and the results may be different during a number of hours or a full day, a question for future study.

The researchers noted that the mathematics results contained interesting data. As the temperature rose, the women's scores rose, not only because their percentage improved but because they were increasing the number of problems they had. Why would that be?

“Women feel better when it is warmer, so they can make more effort,” speculated. Kajackaite. “On a good day, you'll try. On a bad day you will try less. ”


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