Nabilla betrayed by those around her? “Success does not only bring good”

On her Snapchat account, Nabilla confided in the difficulties she encountered when she became known to the general public.

The life of a star is not always easy. It is not Nabilla who will say the opposite. She has also confided to her subscribers on this subject on her Snapchat account. “I lost a lot of girlfriends when I was first known. When I rose to fame, it was difficult. There are lots of girlfriends who thought I was leaving them when I was not necessarily well at the time. I was going through some not-so-cool things and they thought I was on top and neglected them. We lose a lot of friends.”

I have a big heart, everyone knows it

Faithful in friendship“, Nabilla explains having always helped her relatives”whether in life or financially“. “I have a big heart, everyone knows that, and I share everything. I have always helped the people I can, my family, my friends, in any way I can. But there are people who always want more. At one point, I am not a bank. I have my family and if you are with me, it’s because you love me, not because I’m famous or because I have money.

For her, success is not only positive and brings its share of difficulties. She admits to having lost a lot of friends. “Some go crazy, they want to betray you, they are jealous, others want money.”


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