Nadal plays last year’s winner Cicip in the ATP final tournament and enters the semi-finals

Rafael Nadal played last year’s winner Stefan Cicip in the ATP final on Thursday and made it to the semifinals of the tournament.

The Spaniard, who has 86 single-player titles in his account, has won only one of them on the hard courts indoors.

The 34-year-old has qualified for the ATP final tournament a record number of times – 16 years in a row, being forced to withdraw from the tournament six times.

In the first set, both tennis players were very convincingly serving, until Nadal earned the first two breakballs in the match in the seventh game, which failed to turn into a point.

However, in the ninth game, Cicips made a double mistake in the break-in, allowing the Spaniard to win the next game in a set with several elusive edges – 6-4.

Cicips was forced to play one break ball in the first game, but the set was decided by the tenth game when the 22-year-old Greek got his first game in two consecutive break balls, using the second – 6-4.

The Spaniard, who was twice the finalist of the tournament, managed to score twice at the beginning of the third set, serving Cicipam, who responded with one such game – 2-1 in favor of Nadal.

In the seventh game, Nadal won two break-in-a-row break points and reached 5-2 with the second, entering the semifinals with the second match.

The Spaniard joined Roger Federer, who did not play in the tournament, last month as the winner of 20 Grand Slam tournaments, but he has no victory in the final tournament of the season, while Federer has six, but world leader Serbia Novak Djokovic has five.

Tim finished first with two victories, Nadal had the same success, but one victory was won by Cicips and Rubļovs, who finished last.

In the semifinals, Tim will meet the winner of Friday’s match between Alexander Zverev and Djokovic.

Meanwhile, Danil Medvedev has already won first place in “Tokyo 1970.” in the group and semi-finals with Nadal.


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