Named Quarantine-rich, Vitamin Essential, Inexpensive Product

Replenishment of vitamin D deficiency during the period of self-isolation can be helped by eating cod liver, fish, butter and eggs. This was told by the head of the laboratory of vitamins and minerals Federal State Budgetary Institution “Fitz Food and Biotechnology” Natalia Zhilinskaya.

If we talk about cod liver, then it is enough only 25 grams per day to make up for the daily allowance that a person usually gets during a walk on a sunny day.

“You can include a little cod liver in one dish or meal, add butter to boiled vegetables or meat, prepare a piece of fish for dinner,” Zhilinskaya explained in an interview with

To fill the deficit, she also recommended paying attention to vitamin and mineral complexes, since it is difficult to get all the nutrients from food, observing the recommended calorie quarantine rate of up to 1,500 kcal for women and up to 1,800 kcal for men.

In addition, Zhilinskaya noted, the symptoms of fatigue, apathy and drowsiness on the “remote” are not always associated with a lack of vitamins or minerals. They can be a consequence of the stress that most adults experience under the new conditions.


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