Naomi Campbell and Carmen Electra, on Sasa Curcic’s love list

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It was the nineties when the Yugoslav Now Curcic He stood out in football at only 19 years old, a successful future on the fields seemed to be at his feet. However, as the years went by, they all faded away thanks to their excesses.

Curcic arrived at Premier League in the 1995-96 season, where he stood out with the Bolton Wanderers, was such his success that the following campaign emigrated to Aston Villa, but there it all came downhill. Alcohol, drugs and women came to waterfalls.

The then midfielder tried to alternate the fields with the party, so in his book that he wrote years after his retirement, he recounted how he related to celebrities such as Robbie Williams The Jamiroquai, even achieving a brotherhood with Dennis Rodman.

The body could not stand and at the age of 29 he decided to retire, leaving a phrase for posterity at his farewell: “I retire from soccer to dedicate myself to fucking. I’m not going to sign for any other team, even if they offer me 15 million. The only option for them to sign me is if they offer me 15 women from all over the world to make them happy, “he said at the time.

New revelations

Now Curcic opened the trunk of memories in an interview with the British newspaper ‘The Sun’, where he revealed his love affairs with actresses and models of that time, highlighting Naomi Campbell Y Carmen electra.

“She (Naomi Campbell) was a Crystal Palace fan. She came to a game and we met in the VIP box. After two weeks I invited her to a party. She was a tough girl, I had to wait a month. It was great in bed but it was a mess. Woman’s hair disgusts me, when I see it on the floor I get pissed off, and Naomi used to leave it everywhere. It was a disaster, like all models.

“I had a good time with Eva Herzigova and I made love in the pool with Carmen Electra for hours. She was the best in bed and the craziest woman I have ever met, “he concluded.


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