Naomi Osaka and the secret of her success at Flushing Meadows

The Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka gave an interview to official Web of the WTA to analyze what her feelings are after proclaiming herself champion of the US Open 2020 and having added in this way her third Grand Slam as a professional tennis player after those achieved at the US Open in 2018 and the Australian Open in 2019.

-Learning during these last two weeks in New York:

“I have learned a lot of things, but the vast majority have been about things that do not happen on a tennis court. Concentration during these last two weeks has been vital when it comes to winning the title. It is very difficult to spend so much time on a tennis court. bubble, but you always have to get the positive side of things. I am grateful for how they have treated us during all these days in New York. “

-You do not know what it is to be defeated after the tennis break:

“I have trained a lot during the quarantine to be able to get to the restart of the season in the best possible way. During these months locked up at home, it gave me time to think about many things and in a way, it forced me to think about things of which I did not feel comfortable speaking at all. As I said before, I feel very strengthened mentally and that has helped me to do a good job in both Cincinnati and the US Open. “

-Great comeback against Victoria Azarenka in the grand final of the US Open:

“I feel like tactically she was too scared of her backhand in the first set. I felt like I was always looking for her drive because everyone knows what Vika is capable of with her backhand. I respected her more than I should and she It hurt me a lot. Things didn’t start well in the second set either and I changed the chip and decided to change my game plan. I decided to move my opponent around the court more and the match became too balanced. When I got the victory I told myself same that I reacted very well to adversity “.

-Signment of Yutaka Nakamura in his technical team to improve his physical appearance:

“It was very difficult to train under these circumstances. It is not pleasant to train in the gym with the mask on. It was very strange but I was very motivated and I prepared myself thoroughly for this North American tour. When the tennis stopped I felt a little sad “Since I don’t like to train, but to play matches. When I knew that we would have many months without tennis, I had a hard time. During these months I decided to hire Nakamura to prepare me thoroughly for this restart of the season.”

-Difference of winning this title compared to previous years:

“I think I’m very grateful for the tennis career I’m having. When I was younger, I felt like everything was going too fast and I didn’t know how much work I needed to be able to win a Grand Slam. I think after a few Grand Slams where I failed, it hurt My feelings very much. I meditated on it and told myself that if I can work very hard, maybe the results will come back when I least expect it. I worked very hard during the quarantine and the result came. I will continue using that method until I see I will fail again, “concluded the Japanese player who has Roland Garros as her next goal.


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