NasDem Starts Attacking Anies, Claims Unrealized Campaign Promises

GALAMEDIA – Faction Treasurer Nasdem DKI DPRD Jakarta, Ahmad Lukman Jupiter stated his party’s attitude towards the government Anies Baswedan

He considered at least four promises campaign Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswesan, it has not been realized until three years of leadership in the Capital City.

First, said Jupiter, the Rp0 DP housing program has not been fully realized because until now there are still millions of residents who do not have houses.

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“The DP of Rp 0 has not been implemented so far, there are still millions of residents Jakarta who do not have a residence according to BPS data, “said Jupiter, Friday, October 16, 2020.

Jupiter also highlighted the simple rental flats (Rusunawa) that were already built in Jakarta The West has stood tall, but its inhabitants are still quiet.

“What’s going on? Then the Housing Service, as the one running this program, seems to be taking it easy, it’s been three years,” he said.

The second promise, is the flood problem in Jakarta which is homework that has not been completed.

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