Nasrdin Dchar hurt by racist jokes from childhood friends | NOW

Actor Nasrdin Dchar felt hurt when his childhood friends joked about Moroccans during carnival this year. He tells this in conversation with LINDA.

“This year I was finally back to carnival with my childhood friends from Brabant. Great fun. But in the middle of the night they suddenly made all silly comments about Moroccans.”

Dchar says he initially tried to “sheepish” the comments. When that didn’t work, he repeatedly said he didn’t appreciate the jokes, but his friends didn’t seem to get it.

“That really hurt me. Even the people who are so close to me can be so harsh unintentionally. They don’t feel that boundary of what’s still funny and what’s painful, because they just can’t imagine it. In retrospect thought. me: why do I always have to smile? “

‘That is really a huge step’

The 41-year-old actor with Moroccan parents does not always like to make about ethnicity and racism in every interview, but feels a responsibility to talk about it. He therefore welcomes the fact that the subject is now being discussed in all layers of the Dutch population, partly due to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Even the boss of our country (Mark Rutte, ed.) Has now recognized that we in the Netherlands are dealing with a system that is racist. That is a really huge step.”


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